Salvagewrights Ltd.
Architectural Antiquities

PO Box 1132
Orange, Virginia 22960

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The Shop
Open Saturdays  9 - 4
441 North Madison Road
Orange, Virginia

Welcome to our architectural salvage business
offering a large selection of old house parts
salvaged from 100+  year old buildings

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Open Saturday 9-4
Other days call ahead.
Retail location at 441 North Madison Road
Orange, Virginia
We specialize in the dismantling, moving, and reconstruction of
pre-Civil War structures. This process includes numbering,
dismantling, and cataloging the components, as well as the
repair or replacement of parts as needed.

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Preserving history, one house--or door--at a time.

"Salvager keeps treasure trove of 'architectural antiquities' for use in
historic  home restoration projects."

Date published: 1/9/2009
Article in Free Lance-Star